Garrett County Government - Department of Business Development
Financial Incentives

Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses

There are a variety of programs in Maryland for women or minority-owned businesses.


Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business - Video Lottery Terminal Fund

The Video Lottery Terminal Fund (VLT) assists small, minority, and women-owned businesses in targeted areas surrounding six Maryland casinos. The Tri-County Council for Western Maryland is responsible for overseeing this fund in the Western Maryland area.

Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority (MSBDFA)

The Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority promotes the viability and expansion of businesses owned by economically and socially disadvantaged entrepreneurs through a variety of financing programs. A private contractor manages the four MSBDFA components, and the Maryland Department of Commerce provides financing for the approved small businesses through the following programs.
  • Contract Financing Program
  • Equity Participation Program
  • Long-Term Guaranty Program
  • Surety Bonding Program