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In the Spotlight - Randall's Home Improvement

Last Updated on May 1, 2015 at 12:41pm | Garrett County Economic Development

"In The Spotlight!" is a regular feature of The Lake-Front magazine and is being reprinted here in its entirety with permission. This article originally appeared in the May 2015 issue.
Summer's coming, and May is a great month to tackle all of those household projects you've been putting off all winter. Whether it's a small repair or a total room renovation, the folks at Randall's Home Improvement can help.
Randall's Home Improvement was founded in 2002 by Randall (Randy) Paugh. He and his staff of six dedicated employees worked diligently over the years providing reliable service to their many clients throughout the region. After a serious injury, Randy decided to retire to the southwest. Not wanting to leave his employees without a job, he looked for the right buyer for his successful business and sold everything to Pittsburgh and Deep Creek Lake businessman Phil St. Moritz last fall.
Randy and his staff had worked for Phil throughout the years at his lake home and his various Deep Creek businesses, including The Boardwalk, Bill's Marine Service, and Bill's Outdoor Center, doing different repairs and remodeling. "Phil is a great business man who genuinely cares for his employees and for the clientele he serves," says Randy. "I knew that he has stability and would operate in a manner that was best suited for all."
The company is now being managed locally by Matthew Watson, who started with Randy when he was in high school.
Randall's Home Improvement can help you with all your home repair and remodeling needs. From roofs, decks, siding, soffit and facia, floor tiling, windows, and more, no job is too large or too small. Need more space or looking to upgrade one or more of the rooms in your home? Talk to Matthew about room additions or taking your bathroom or kitchen from functional to fabulous.
To get started on your spring projects, give Randall's Home Improvement a call today at (301) 501-2949.