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Officials Hope Rural Tax Incentive Bill Will Pass in 2016

Last Updated on Jun 12, 2015 at 11:03am | Financial Incentives

Although his rural tax incentive bill didn’t pass this year, Sen. George Edwards has the backing of R. Michael “Mike” Gill, secretary of the Department of Business and Economic Development, when Edwards tries to pass the economic stimulus bill next year.
Senate Bill 196, created by Edwards and sponsored by 17 other senators, did not pass during the 2015 session of the Maryland General Assembly. However, Edwards and Gill say, with some adjustments, the bill can get passed in 2016.
“I think it was a timing issue. The fact of the matter is that it was a good bill, I?just think there wasn’t enough time,” said Gill.
Gill spoke at a luncheon last week held by the The Greater Cumberland Committee at the Cumberland Country Club. He spoke to the Times-News following the event.
“There were so many bills flying around and so many new tax credit bills. There was a bill already out there that kind of looked like it had some of the characteristics of Sen. Edwards’ bill. My personal feeling is, especially with the fact this will be my second go-round, that we will really be ready this time,” said Gill. Read more>>