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Governor's Budget Includes $12 Million for Local Projects

Last Updated on Feb 1, 2019 at 10:24am | Garrett County Economic Development

Article courtesy of NCWV Media - The Republican. Staff Writer: Renee Shreve. Submitted photos.
Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled his proposed $46.6 billion fiscal year 2020 budget during a press conference in Annapolis on Jan. 17th.
The document includes nearly $12 million for capital projects in Garrett County, plus more than $60 million for education, grants, state operations and other local line items.
“This is just the first step in the process,” Hogan said about presenting the budget to lawmakers. “The legislature will then have the next 75 days to review it, debate it, make revision to it, and then it will be up to them to pass the final budget.”
Legislators can only cut or restrict funds in the budget. They cannot increase or transfer funds to other purposes.
State Sen. George Edwards has provided a breakdown of the potential local impact of the governor’s budget. He stressed the numbers are not inclusive, do not represent the total state funding impact on the county and are subject to change by the General Assembly.
Some of the proposed allocations are as follows:
Capital budget projects:
• Garrett College Community Education and Performing Arts Center — $5.5 million
• Garrett County Emergency Operations Center (new construction) — $500,000
• Southern High School construction — $241,450
• Leo Martin Memorial Park in Mountain Lake Park — $158,815
• McHenry Business Park (interior construction) — $100,000
More than $5 million is tentatively earmarked for capital projects on state-owned land in Garrett County, including nearly $3.4 million for water and wastewater treatment plant improvements at Swallow Falls State Park, $700,000 for treatment plant improvements at New Germany State Park, $350,000 for cabin improvements at Herrington Manor State Park and $415,000 for upgrades to water wells at the Meadow Mountain Youth Center.
• General operating grants:  Foundational — $12,439,679, and compensatory education — $4,561,279
• Restricted grants:  Students with disabilities — $793,280; limited English proficiency — $28,972; and transportation — $3,248,709
• General operating for Garrett College — $2,867,621
Grants to Garrett County:
• Disparity grant to the county — $2,131,271
• Teacher retirement supplemental grants — $406,400
• Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention grant — $223,117
• Maryland Emergency Management Administration Amoss Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Fund — $300,000
• Highway user revenues — $1,523,836.
State operations in Garrett County:
• Clerk of Circuit Court Office — nearly $1.1 million
• State Highway Administration maintenance (Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties) — Nearly $30.2 million
State-awarded revenue for Garrett County from state forests, state parks and wildlife management area revenue equity program is expected to be about $1.5 million.
Edwards invites constituents to contact him during the General Assembly session about their concerns and questions by calling 410-841-3565 or emailing