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Railey Realty Celebrates 45 Years in Business

Last Updated on Jul 1, 2019 at 10:36am | Garrett County Economic Development

Article courtesy of NCWV Media - The Republican. Staff Writer: Brenda Ruggiero. Submitted photo.
Railey Realty has been in business in Garrett County for 45 years.
The company was founded in 1974 by James (Jim) and Violet (Sis) Railey. When they first opened the brokerage, the couple worked from their home on Lake Shore Drive.
Although Jim has passed away, Sis Railey still remains a shareholder in Railey Realty and still resides in the same home.
Their son Jimmy is still an owner/manager of the company and visits often. Their grandson, Lee Railey (Jimmy’s son,) is a manager at Railey Vacations.
“Railey Realty has been the market leader for Deep Creek Lake real estate sales since 1995,” said Jon Bell, who is one of the owners. “We have maintained our status by creating a family culture embodied around the Deep Creek lifestyle. Our office is home to 18 of the top 20 Realtors in Garrett County.”
Besides Bell, Railey Realty owners include Jimmy Railey, Mike Kennedy, Bill Weissgerber, Kevin Liller, Rich Orr and Russell Bounds.
“All of our agents are the best in the business,” Bell said. “They are all outstanding people and family.”
The team includes more than 50 Realtors led by company broker and sales manager Nancy Trotta, who has more than 20 years of industry experience. Several agents have more than 20 years of experience, and many have more than 30.
“The Railey family paved the road for our success, but the true credit belongs to the employees, agents and staff who have made Railey Realty their home and lifelong careers,” Bell said. “We have the best team in the area and are continuously growing by employing new technology, advertising methods, agent training, recruiting, and expanding our reach throughout Garrett County.”
The Raileys built the first office for the company along U.S. 219 in 1985. However, the company quickly outgrew that office. Many agents have fond stories of working under staircases and bumping elbows in the old office.
In 1997, the current office was built in McHenry. It has undergone several renovations and additions.
In 2012, Railey Realty acquired the Goodfellow Group and expanded from one office location to two.
“We are a big portion of the local economy,” Bell said. “Over the years, Railey agents, along with the help and support of their clients and partners, have created many of the lake area developments and infrastructure. No one knows the Deep Creek Lake real estate market as well as we do. We created it.”
The company website was redesigned in 2016 to allow users to browse properties, find information on the area and learn more about real estate and the specific market.
“Even with the rapid development and inception of technology and the internet, customer service and agent training have remained top priorities for Railey Realty,” Bell said.
The in-house marketing was recently expanded, and the group is working on a lobby renovation for the main office.
Last year, Railey Realty’s rental company, Deep Creek Lodging Co., merged with Railey Mountain Lake Vacations to form Railey Vacations.
Bell noted that the company is always willing to donate time, money, prizes or anything needed to help local organizations exceed their goals.
The group has designed floats for the Autumn Glory Parade, decorated trees for the Dove Center’s Festival of Trees event and decorated boats for the Lions Club Boat Parade. The company also hosts one leg of HART’s annual Guest Bartender Challenge each year.
“Our agents and staff have wonderful spirits and are always up to volunteer for things,” Bell said.
The group has cleaned a portion of U.S. 219 that the company adopted, cleaned up and landscaped at Deep Creek Lake State Park, and cleaned up the Lions Club Dog Park.
Railey Realty is a lifetime sponsor of the Deep Creek Winter Sports Team, with Kellyann Green serving as president. The company helps provide financial support for the team overall and sponsors at least one race each year.
Railey is also a lifetime sponsor of the WGW Community Youth Cup, created and chaired by owner/manager Bill Weissgerber.
The company regularly supports other local charities and organizations with monetary donations, including Garrett Regional Medical Center, the I Can Swim! Program, local schools, Garrett County Habitat for Humanity and more.
“We value our service and honesty above everything else,” Bell said. “We wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t live and practice by those standards. The Railey legacy, our reputation, and overall brand have never shifted from that foundation. While this is a career and a business, it’s also a community, and we value every relationship and business that helps us to support our local community and economy.”