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Short Story Brewing at Deep Creek Lake Opens at The Fort

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2020 at 10:52am | Tourism & Recreation

Article courtesy of NCWV Media - The Republican. Staff Writer: Brenda Ruggiero. Photo Credit: Aaron Rote.
Short Story Brewing at Deep Creek Lake is now open for business at the Fort.
Short Story was first founded about three years ago in Rivesville, West Virginia, by Aaron Rote, his sister, Abby Kopischke, and her husband, Mike Kopischke.
“It’s a family-owned brewery located in an old antique store,” Rote said.
He explained how the idea first began.
“I have my master’s in creative writing from WVU, and it was during my time in grad school that Mike started homebrewing, so we were having lots of conversations about books and beer,” he said. “The name kind of just popped up in a conversation, and it stuck.”
He noted that the partners strive to be creative in all the things they do, from their beer, to their branding and especially in their taproom space.
The three are all from West Virginia, but have always loved the Deep Creek area.
“It has such a strong connection to the outdoors and adventure, and that spirit really goes well with craft beer,” Rote said.
When they decided that they wanted to open a second location, Garrett County was their first thought.
“The place reminded us of what we love about our home in West Virginia, but it also gave us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and try something new,” he said.
He said Garrett County has also proven to be very business-friendly for them.
“From day one, everyone in the various county offices has been so encouraging and has bent over backward to help us reach our opening day goals,” he said. “Also, I can look out the taproom window and see a big gorgeous lake and snow being made on the mountain. What’s not to like about that?”
Rote stated that the location at the Fort is designed for relaxing and enjoying the company of good friends and family, whether just getting done with a long day’s work or just leaving the slopes.
“Yes, it’s also place where you can try a full selection of our beers, but we also think of our taproom as a community hub where everyone feels welcome,” he said. “It’s a place to sit and gossip with neighbors or host a book club or regale the crowd with an Irish folk song, which actually happened on our opening weekend!”
Rote noted that as an owner, its very important to him that they get to know the community and that they introduce everyone to their beers firsthand.
“So you will more than likely see me behind the bar on any given day,” he said. “We’re also bringing over a few pals from the brewery location staff to help us manage the busier days.”
Short Story beer is the main feature at the taproom, but wine and snacks are also available.
“We don’t have a kitchen, so we are encouraging people to bring in outside food from any of the great local restaurants in the area,” Rote said.
“We’re also talking to a few places about offering delivery to the taproom.”
Hours at the location at 1550 Deep Creek Drive will change seasonally. For the winter months, the taproom is open Wednesday through Friday from 4-10 p.m., Saturday from 1-10 p.m. and Sunday from 1-7 p.m.
“Our biggest hope is that Garrett County residents see this taproom the way the residents in our hometown see our brewery,” Rote said. “It’s a place that belongs to everyone.”