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Byco Enterprises, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Last Updated on Mar 6, 2020 at 9:21am | Garrett County Economic Development

Article courtesy of NCWV Media - The Republican. Staff Writer: Brenda Ruggiero. Photo Credit: Chase Bender. 
Byco Enterprises Inc. is celebrating 30 years in business this year.
The office is located just outside of Bittinger at 11746 Bittinger Road, which has a Grantsville address.
Owner Tim Bender started the company with a partner in 1990, expanding on his life experience for the business.
He grew up in St. Paul, Pennsylvania, where he worked on the family farm and also started doing part-time carpentry work when he was 16.
He worked at various places after that in carpentry and also making pole buildings. Later, he got hands-on training in plumbing, electrical and gas-pipe fitting.
When the business first opened, the office was at Bender’s house.
“I worked during the day and then in the evenings I did accounts receivable and called people to line up work for the next day,” he said.
In 2001, property was purchased in the Bittinger area and the office was moved into an old farmhouse there.
“I think it was a turning point in my life and for the business when I moved it away from my personal life,” Bender said.
The company relocated from the farmhouse to the current property in 2003.
At the beginning, Byco first made pole buildings and then started building houses within the next year.
“We just kept increasing the business size,” Bender said.
Byco purchased Champ’s Electric and two employees from that company, Phil and Derrick Moser, came to work there. They are still employed at Byco today, and have been there for 25 years.
Broadwater Excavating was also purchased, and employee Leroy Yoder came to Byco. He still works there in excavation, 24 years later.
In 2003, Bender became the sole proprietor. Byco no longer did general contracting and focused on mechanical work like plumbing, heating, electrical and excavation work. There were nine employees at that time.
Over the years, the company has grown and is now licensed for residential sprinkler systems, as well. The excavation side also includes directional boring and pipeline fusing.
“We’re very diversified because the area is not well-populated,” Bender said. “To work close to home, we have to be diversified to maintain a healthy workload, so we have specific specialty fields in the different areas that we do.”
There are currently 31 employees, and each of the different entities has special training that is obtained from suppliers and the tech services that they have.
“So my heating people will typically once or twice a year go to different seminars and they’re trained on the different types of equipment we’re putting in,” Bender said. “The same thing with the excavation side. We have three pieces of equipment now that have integrated GPS in them, and it eliminates a lot of survey work that needs done and increases the production. So our guys have been trained on how to operate that GPS equipment and all the technologies involved with that. The same thing with fusing and the attributes with that.”
Byco recently completed an addition to the property which doubled the office space. Further expansion is also planned.
“We would like to at least double the size of the rest of the building,” Bender said.
“We purchased 12 acres from the neighbor last year and have applied for a grading permit already, so we’re that far in the planning stage.”
Bender noted that about 90 percent of Byco’s work is done in Garrett County, but some jobs are also completed in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
One of the bigger jobs Byco completed in the county was the expansion at Goodwill Retirement Community. They have also been doing development work for National Land Partners for about eight years, such as in the North Camp and Biltmore developments.
In addition, Byco has had a plumbing contract with the county for incidental work for the last four years, and is currently working on the wastewater treatment plant at Keyser’s Ridge.
“My favorite part of the business is working with the people who are here,” Bender said. “That makes it a lot of fun. I enjoy people — meeting people and working with people. One of the things that drives me is I care about people and I like to help them. I like to help fix their problems.”
Bender’s current team includes long-time employees Carol Tice (office administrator) and Kevin Yoder, who have each been there for 18 years.
“All the guys that work here are just good guys,” Bender said. “It’s a good time. I appreciate all of them so much. I feel that the employees are what make the business, and you have to work as a team.”
Brian Schroyer is a junior partner in the business, and Bender’s wife Cheryl is secretary/treasurer.
“Cheryl has been very instrumental in this business the whole way through,” Bender said.
He noted that she has worked there since the beginning while also maintaining a nursing career.
Other family members are also involved. Their son, Dalton, runs the directional bore equipment for Byco, and their son Chase also works there part-time. Son-in-law Wes Brenneman (married to Devyn) runs the sprinkler side of the business.
The family also includes two granddaughters, Abigail (5) and Rebekah (22 months) Brenneman. Dalton and his wife, Tybie, are expecting a daughter in May.
Each year, Byco has a Christmas banquet for employees and families and also a picnic in the summer.
The company also has made donations to quite a few organizations and groups. In addition, labor has been donated to Mennonite Disaster Service and many other projects.
“I think that one of Jesus’ biggest commands to us is to love him and love people,” Bender said. “I want to do both of those and I think that has a big part in how we operate the business and how we care about people. It’s very important.”