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I-68 Regional Alliance Brings Together Tri-State Area, Highlights Outdoor Recreation

Last Updated on Jun 22, 2020 at 10:00am | Tourism & Recreation

In 2019, five counties connected by I-68 joined in an alliance to promote economic prosperity along the corridor.
Organizations in Allegany County, Md., Bedford County, Pa., Garrett County, Md., Mineral County, Wv. and Somerset County, Pa. formed the I-68 Regional Alliance to develop a business environment focused on job creation, diversification, expansion, and entrepreneurship.
To attract, retain and create business in the aerospace supply chain, lifestyle manufacturing, and technology industries, the I-68 Regional Alliance highlights current businesses, workforce benefits, and the region’s key location.
“As a best-kept-secret along the I-68 corridor, this region holds an abundance of resources that our Alliance strongly backs," said Al Delia, I-68 Alliance Chair. “As we navigate COVID-19, it’s an ideal time to highlight the outdoor activities this region has to offer. For many in the tri-state regions, these experiences are within a two and a half-hour drive and are a great way to explore nature while social distancing.”
This location is also a robust tourism destination. Known for its outdoor recreation assets, the Alliance is centered between mountains, lakes, and state parks. Between the five counties, there are 18 state parks, two national parks, over 1,200 miles of hiking and biking trails, and 45 public bodies of water.
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About the I-68 Regional Alliance

Designed to link rural counties in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, I-68 is a mountainous stretch of highway where success is worth the climb. Ushering in a new era of prosperity along our corridor, the I-68 Regional Alliance broadens opportunities and brings businesses to new heights in Allegany, Bedford, Garrett, Mineral, and Somerset Counties.
From tech startups to supply-chain giants, existing businesses are curating relationships and are seen as prime examples of success in this region. A business environment focused on job creation, diversification, expansion and entrepreneurship fosters shared victories.