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MSAC's 'The Future of Artist Employment in Maryland' Sessions

Last Updated on Aug 27, 2021 at 1:55pm | Arts & Culture

Make Your Voice Heard: Join the Maryland State Arts Council's (MSAC) “The Future of Artist Employment in Maryland” sessions.

MSAC is spending the next year focusing on improving its efforts to connect Maryland artists with employment opportunities across the state.In September, make your voice heard by participating in “The Future of Artist Employment in Maryland,” a series of five public dialogues in which artists are invited to share recommendations that will inform what MSAC offers as part of this initiative:
In each public dialogue, attendees will spend the first part of the session responding to prompts about MSAC’s artist employment initiative, including the funding, networking, and training opportunities it might provide.The last part of each dialogue will serve as an open forum for attendees to ask questions and voice further needs.
Following these public dialogues, along with additional outreach activities to be announced, MSAC staff will develop a responsive program that strives to meet the needs of Maryland’s artists.
Each of the five public dialogues will offer the same content, so it is not necessary to attend more than one.
To register, please visit the links above or MSAC’s listing of upcoming events.
For questions, contact Senior Program Director Chad Buterbaugh at [email protected] or (443) 469-8239.