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Western Maryland Consortium Announces New Re-Employment Grant

Last Updated on Nov 4, 2021 at 1:21pm | Business Resources

Are you hiring?
The Western Maryland Consortium (WCM) has one-time grant awards of up to $25,000 available to Western Maryland businesses to supplement the wages of new hires. New hires MUST be Western Maryland residents, currently unemployed, and start within thirty (30) days of the business's grant application.
The grant provides funding to businesses that hire Western Maryland residents and supplement 50% to 75% of their new hires' salary. Grants are provided on the first day of a new employee's first day of work.
WMC will provide small businesses with grants covering 75% of a new employee's salary and large businesses with covering 50% of a new employee's salary for the first 12 weeks of his or her employment. The business must be approved for the grant prior to hiring the new eligible employee.
The program is designed to prepare and connect laid-off Western Maryland residents to employment opportunities, while simultaneously helping businesses to either reopen or rehire employees.
For additional information, please contact the Western Maryland Consortium office in Garrett County at 301-334-8136.