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Specialty Manufacturing

Pillar Innovations

Breaking New Ground
Talent runs deep in Garrett County, and nobody knows this better than Pillar Innovations. Since establishing their corporate headquarters here in 2007, Pillar Innovations LLC has excavated local talent for its mining safety and manufacturing operation in Grantsville. Prizing our workforce as its most precious resource, Pillar Innovations has hired 99 local workers and enriched a mining tradition spanning over 125 years. 
True to its name, Pillar Innovations provides cutting-edge support to the coal and oil industries, including mining control and monitoring, fire suppression, fiber optics and communications. And their commitment to safety and tech-savvy solutions is truly ground-breaking. Pillar’s inventiveness is celebrated industry-wide, most notably for the Electric Mine Utility vehicle (EMU) and the miner’s refuge chamber, which sustain workers deep below the earth.
Seeking abundant talent and business resources? Contact us at: (301) 334-1921 or [email protected]  to learn more.