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Simon Pearce Glass

One of the last American glassblowing companies in existence, Simon Pearce is renowned for their beautifully designed glass and pottery pieces, each piece individually handcrafted. Founded by artisan and master glass-blower Simon Pearce in 1971 in Kilkenny, Ireland, the company moved to the United States in 1981 after seeking relief from the high energy costs and business constrains in Europe.
Quechee, Vt. became home to the first Simon Pearce American headquarters, but after over a decade of plentiful success, the company realized the potential for growth and expansion, and began seeking a location that would provide the ideal facility and a large, skilled labor force to accompany it.
Always embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, that place became Mountain Lake Park, located in Garrett County, Maryland. Production quickly ensued in 1999 in the 190,000 square foot facility that was formerly Baush & Lomb, allowing the company to grow and expand production to meet growing demands. The facility also houses a retail store and observation deck where glassblowers can be been seen creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces, making it a Maryland destination for visitors from all over.
Over a decade later, Garrett County’s skilled labor force and tax incentives in combination with a company that holds strong to its values, Simon Pearce has experienced continuous growth and expansion, joining the ever-growing list of companies pleased to have chosen Garrett County for their place of business.
Always one to make Garrett County residents proud, Simon Pearce recently won a five-year competitive contract for $5 million to create custom handcrafted stem and barware for the State Department for use in American embassies around the world.
If you foster the entrepreneurial spirit like Simon Pearce and want to find out why it pays to do business in Garrett County, contact our office at (301) 334-1921. For more information about Simon Pearce, visit their website at