Garrett County Government - Department of Business Development


Garrett County technology growth accelerates at a 5G pace. 
Our state-of-the art facilities, infrastructure, and business development programs foster high volume growth at dizzying speeds.
Over 30 local technology businesses harvest new ideas and bring them to market. Our incubator programs, local talent, and tech-forward facilities position companies for success. Garrett County is reinventing rural technology, expanding access and opportunities within our community. 
Technology Business Resources

The Garrett Center for Entrepreneurship is a one stop shop for local “tech support.” The Center supports the organic growth of small-to-medium businesses, and feeds their aspirations with coaching and workshops.
The Garrett Information Enterprise Center, located within the Garrett Center for Entrepreneurship, nurtures early-stage companies, and provides the resources and office space needed by start-ups seeking support.  Their low-cost, supportive environment and network of assistance helps new firms thrive. 
Garrett College’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs offer the latest technology certifications, courses, and custom trainings for your workforce’s needs.