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Oakland Gears Up For Winter Fest
Winter Fest, slated for February 18, 2023 from 10 AM to 4 PM, will feature kids’ activities, store specials, live music and performances, and the return of the highly successful Winter Fest Wine Walk.
Town of Oakland Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coins Distributed
The first in the series of the eight coins to mark this special year was given out on Saturday as part of the Town of Oakland’s Winterfest event. Over 250 Town of Oakland 150th coins were distributed.
Oakland Gears Up For Winter Fest
The event will be held February 19, 2022 from 10 AM to 4 PM and will feature live music and performances, kids’ activities, and the return of the highly successful Winter Fest Wine Walk.
Heritage Project Grant Webinars and Q&A Sessions Scheduled
Join the Mt. MD Gateway to the West Heritage Area to learn about the MD Heritage Areas Authority Project Grant Program, a source of funding to support economic development through heritage tourism.
Garrett Had Only Growth in Maryland Tourism During Pandemic
While the state’s tourism industry as a whole experienced a 64% decline during the pandemic, Garrett County actually posted a 36% increase from pre-pandemic levels.
Garrett County Heritage Area Celebrates 10th Anniversary
The Mountain MD Gateway to the West Heritage Area is a program of the Garrett Co. Chamber of Commerce that supports heritage tourism in Garrett Co. through technical assistance & grant opportunities.
The Remedy to Close Out the Little Yough Music Festival on September 3rd
The Remedy is a nine-piece ensemble of local musicians. Their music spans decades and genres which makes them appealing to all ages.
The Terah Crawford Band to Perform at Little Yough Concert Series on August 27th
The Terah Crawford Band is based in Deep Creek Lake. Combining their love for mountain music with classic rock, outlaw country, and just a touch of folk, they’ve created their own style of playing.
Take Our Survey
Your Parks. Your Voice. Garrett County's Planning and Land Management Department is updating the County's Land Preservation and Recreation Plan and is seeking public input through an online survey.
Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County See Record Tourism Increases
Garrett County was the only county in the state to experience an increase in tourism sales tax revenues in the first six months of Fiscal Year 2021.
Garrett County Heritage Area Celebrates 10 Years
An October 30th planned event will include speakers from the Heritage Area board and local county officials. There will be light refreshments and photos from the photo contest on display.
Heritage Area Economic Impact Estimated at $155.1 Million
MMGTTW supports and sustains 1,327 jobs including direct employment by the MMGTTW, as well as indirect and induced jobs created by supply and equipment vendors and other industry sectors.
Mt. Lake Park's Victorian Chautauqua Set for July 10th and 11th
The Victorian Chautauqua is a two-day event celebrating the rich history of Mt. Lake Park with lectures, historical portrayals, musical performances, family-friendly activities, and more.
64th Annual Garrett County Agriculture Fair Set for July 31st through August 7th
A tentative schedule of events is now available online.
Quick Hops Between History and Nature
Garrett County has a wealth of scenic destinations nestled within its hills and mountains, ranging from the historically significant to the naturally beautiful, from town centers to wooded seclusion.