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Tourism & Recreation


Garrett County is at the peak of perfection at Wisp Resort.
Four seasons of adventure place Wisp Resort at the peak of excitement from slope to shore.
Since 1994, Wisp Resort has evolved into a 2,300-acre vacation wonderland, offering rousing recreation to tourists of many tastes. Wisp acquired an additional 700 acres and invested over $35,000,000 in capital improvements to prepare for the 1.2 million vacationers that ascend upon Garrett County each year.
Every season, recreation-savvy locals tee up their talents on the links, slopes, hiking trails and in hospitality management. Wisp’s partnership with Garrett College’s Adventure Sports Management Program ensures that guests are led by experienced adventure guides, hailing from Garrett County and around the globe.
Garrett County’s business resources, ample acreage and tourism economy ensure a swift ascent to the top. Elevate your profits; contact us at (301) 334-1921 or